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eResonance Community

eResonance Community

What does it mean to be an “eResonance Friends” member?

There is something very special about the “Eresonance Commmunity” members. We all share something in common and thrive to increase self-care knowledge and practice. As a very special customer, you benefit from exclusive advantages. With every purchase in the e-shop, we give you something back. When you buy your favorite items, we immediately refund part of the amount of your purchases in the form of e-point that you can use later-on

What are the benefits of becoming an “eResonance Community” member?

FOR ALL COMMUBITY MEMBERS Up to 5% bonus Worldwide, you collect 5 e-points for every euro purchased on the e-shop. Register now and get a welcome gift.

How to become an “eResonance Community” member?

Become a member "Eresonance Community"! In the e-shop, select the icon in form of women and register as a new customer.

What are e-points and how can they be collected and used?

In the e-shop: you select your favorite items and we will award you e-points as a reward. For each euro spent, 5% of the amount of your purchases is credited to your "eResonance Community" account. One e-point is equivalent to 0.015 CHF.

How do I modify my personal information?

Simply log into your account to be able to change your name, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number in a few clicks. You can also contact us and our privacy officer will change/remove the information for you!

How do I change my password?

Simply log into your account. You can easily change your password and all related information of your account

I forgot my password: how do I receive a new one?

It happens to everyone ! contact us or reset your password in the link provided when you tried to log in!

What are the conditions for participating in “Eresonance Friends”?

1. PARTICIPATION IN THE ERESONANCE COMMUNITY PROGRAM The operator of the Eresonance Community program is eResonance, Zürich, Switzerland, (hereinafter "eResonance"). Any natural person over 16 years of age living in the country where they apply for registration can participate in the eResonance Community program.

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