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Essential Card Set

This Stress Reduction Set is an invitation to reclaim your self-knowledge. It's a stress-reduction toolkit in card form, to refine your intuition and self-confidence to reduce stress, panic, and anxiety in advance and as they arise. Working with this set can be a sacred practice of remembering that you have all the answers within you. You can reduce stress, panic, and anxiety on your own. Through the facilitation of this set, you can move into the space of your heart and receive the information you need from yourself to guide you back towards yourself, remembering that you have everything it takes inside you.




In this exquisite deck, biofeedback specialist, Willow Rose Gahm, and eResonance have gathered together the best tools and tricks which will help to guide you back to your sacred self, to find the guidance within you that you are looking for.


Our stress reduction essential, 40 fabulous female artists from around the globe have come together to share their talent for art, as well as their own experience with stress, anxiety, and panic, to support you in your journey. Each artist has designed a beautiful illustration to facilitate self-reflection and inspire you on your journey towards knowing you have what it takes within you. 


You can choose a sacred card as an intention for your day, or when you begin to feel unwanted emotions arise. They serve as a positive tool to know what to do next. When stress, anxiety, or panic arise, this deck will be your go-to toolkit in these moments. You can carry your favorite cards around with you as a reminder that you have what it takes inside you to master yourself.


eArt was created to support women with stress, anxiety, and panic. To help women to know that they are not alone. Success is best when shared with others, and together we can work magic. 

To complet our set, our Aromatherapy Essential, a sanctuary of knowledge and recipes for essential oils. Let this deck be your guiding light, offering information and inspiration to enhance your well-being and nourish your soul.

Each card in this exquisite collection, carefully crafted by biofeedback specialist Willow Rose Gahm and eResonance, unveils the secrets of essential oils. Unlock the power of nature's fragrant essences and discover their profound impact on your stress reduction journey.

With the Aromatherapy Essential deck in your hands, you hold the key to refining your intuition and self-confidence. Let stress, panic, and anxiety surrender to the healing embrace of these aromatic treasures. Whether you seek immediate relief in moments of stress or long-term transformation through daily practice, this deck is your trusted companion.


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Stress Reduction Essentials Deck
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    Aromatherapy Essentials Deck
    Regular price $22.66

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